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[ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you can't get more italian. it's on. let's roll. victims in a home in sonoma county, wine country, all three with gunshot wounds. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. investigators are not saying much tonight, but they are calling this a triple homicide. it happened in a small town 11 miles northwest of santa rosa. alan wang is in sonoma county with the latest for us. alan? >> reporter: still a very active scene out there. in fact, the bodies are still
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in the home tonight. the sonoma county sheriff's department is saying very little about it. only that the last time they can remember a triple homicide out here was back in the 80s. >> i don't know what's going on, honestly. >> reporter: ed lark found the place where he lived wrapped in crime scene tape detectives examining the scene of a triple homicide. >> i understand there is a shooting and that's what i heard from a friend on the phone. beyond that i'm clueless. >> reporter: there are three homes on this wooded property located a few miles west of sebastapole. >> it is not my house so it must be the back cabin. >> victims found in the bedroom did not live here, but one is associated with the tenant who was not home when it happened sometime this morning. >> we are in the process of interviewing people associated to the three deceased subjects. we are not releasing their names at this time pending positive identification. >> a man looking for his brother told police he
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discovered the bodies around 3:15 this afternoon and one of the victims is his brother. >> there did not appear to be a struggle, and they died of gunshot wounds. >> sort of execution style? >> i am not going to discuss. >> it is not a murder-suicide? >> it is not a murder-suicide. >> none of the victims had a criminal history, and they believe the killer or killers targeted their victims. they say there is a lot of work to be done which means the bodies will remain at the scene until morning. reporting live, alan wangabc7 news. fairfield fairfieldue in the teenager. police released a surveillance photo minutes before she was last seen. and she has now been identified as 13-year-old janelle conway alan. her body was found at a fairfield park. that's where john olson is live with this new information. john? >> reporter: dan, the shrine behind me has been growing all day and night.
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a short time ago police said they had not made any arrests, but they would not say whether they were questioning any suspects. they released a chilling piece of evidence. this was the photo taken conway alan iser. crossing the street wearing a gray sweater and blue jean leggings while carrying a pink backpack. the image was captured by this surveillance camera near grande circle. it is a few miles from her home in sasoon city and four miles from the alan wit park where her naked body was discovered around sunrise o mor. friday morning. her cousin has been here every day since making sure the candles stay lit while planning for a vigil on friday. >> it is an open community thing. we would like people to come and show support and would love the community to get together to prevent things like this from happening in the future to spread awareness.
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>> fairfield police released the identity of janelle conway alan, but did not reveal how she died. the 13-year-old was a foster child who attended green valley middle school in fairfield. counselors were working with students there. >> really depressing for everybody. everybody has been quiet and crying a lot. they and they missing her, the friends. >> the girl was last seen near railroad avenue in the city of sasoon late thursday afternoon. they hope these photos jog someone's memory and provide answers. >> i don't know. why would they kill her? >> police are planning a news briefing tomorrow. the vigil is set for 6:30 p.m. friday here at alan wit park. john alston, abc news. a sue gnaw mooy tonight damaged three -- a tsunami damaged three villages in the south pacific. several people are presumed
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dead and dozens of homes damaged by a tsunami wave of nearly five feet. the tsunami warning was issued for the area after an 8.0 magnitude quake struck underwater near the islands. there are no reports of damage from the earthquake itself. that tsunami warning has been canceled. there is rain in the forecast, but for the moment it is clear and cool out there. sandhya patel islive dopplerith live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> the word rain we haven't herd in quite some time goes back to almost two weeks ago. let's check out live doppler 7hd, and as you mentioned it is clear other than a few patches of clouds around some parts of the bay area. temperatures right now are in the mid40s for santa rosa and fairfield and already down to 48 in fremont and mountain view and 42 in los los gatos. an extra layer will come in handy. a chill will be in the air first thing in the morning. i will be back to let you know exactly when a cold storm will arrive. the timing of the system and
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when you will needgear coming un gear coming up. >> thanks etch have. thanks very much. san francisco police plan to share information of the disappearance of a young boy in fran in 1984. it involves person of interest dan ferion or also known as kelly. he died five years ago. they recently called him the key suspect in the disappearance of this boy, 10-year-old kevin collins. kevin was last seen leaving his school in april 1984. therion lived uh -- across the street from the school kevin attended. at the time police searched the home and found nothing. last week as abc7 news last reported, police returned with cadaver dogs to search his basement and backyard. they found small bone fragments that have been sent to a lab for analysis. police tell us they will hold a news conference tomorrow afternoon. abc7 news will be there, and we will bring you all of the latest developments. also new at an a an abc
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news source says lance armstrong is being investigated by federal authorities. it is part of a criminal investigation. the source says they are looking into charges of obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation by armstrong. his fellow cyclists have said armstrong coerced them into using performance enhancing drugs. armstrong was cleared of charges in southern california and today the same attorney reiterated that armstrong would not be charged. but an abc news source says the attorney does not speak for the federal government as a whole. gas prices nationwide have jumped 18 cents in a week. that's the biggest seven-day spike in nearly two years time. the average price for a gallon of regular is now $3.54 a gallon. experts blame it on rising oil prices and tension in the middle east. here in california of course it is even higher, $3.91 a gallon. that's in part because refineries are preparing to switch from winter grade to summer grade fuel.
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san francisco typically has some of the highest gas prices in the state. but look at pump prices in los angeles. one station is charging more than $5 a gallon. a new ad campaign hopes to lure california jobs out of state to texas. >> building a business is tough, but i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry, and i have a message for california businesses. come check out texas. >> that's the radio version. perry has an on-line version and plans to add pressure in person when he will pitch california companies. governor jerry brown finds it laughable, especially considering it has just a $25,000 budget. >> it is barely a burp. >> despite the pitch that california is bad for business, the state is adding companies. electric vehicles international relocated here from mexico and today unveiled a fleet of green ups trucks in sacramento. overseas for a moment and iran's president did not get a
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warm welcome from everyone during his historic trip to egypt. new at 11:00, police arrested a protestor for throwing a shoe in cairo. the shoe did not uh pear to hit -- appear to hit him. showing your shoe in the arab world is a sign of extreme disrespect. remember this in baghdad in iraqin iraqi reporter threw his shoes at former president george bush? the largest gathering of people on earth is getting underway. it is happening in india. later this week one bay area man will be joining the tens of millions of hindus for what he expects will be the experience of a lifetime. here is abc7 news lisa amin go legion. lisa amin do. >> it is a religion festival and it happens once every 12 years. this year more than 100 million will descend on the
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area, and they will take a dip in the sacred river. >> these are the things we take in the river. >> he is packing light. >> anything i take and i pray to god to give me the courage and strength to take the pilgrimage. >> the pilgrimage has grown dramatically since 2001, the last one. >> you are talking about 110 to 120 million people. it is in one location the largest gathering of humans on earth jie. this is a satellite photo taken from space above. all of the dark red dots are people. one reason for the rise in attendance, technology and social media. you can see here hi-def cameras are everywhere and they have their own facebook fan page that are creating a buzz. >> networks like google plus and there are several social networks that are growing very quickly. events like this ceasily drive in lots of viral traffic. >> they attracted harvard
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university. 36 students and faculty members traveled to the festival to study the logistics involved in creating a pop up mega city. in san jose, lisa a gulezian, abc7 news. the procedure that can turn back the clock on your looks has just become better. >> when i look in the mirror, i don't see a tired, worn out person. now i am happy inside and out. >> up next, a special report on the treatment that is leaving patients looking years younger. >> also the florida teenager who demonstrates whatnot to do when you appear before a judge. you will not believe what she said to the judge twice. >> and then on "jimmy kimmle live." >> tonight from "house of cards" emily and academy award nominee bradley cooper who just asked me to go to the oscars with him. >> no, i asked you to go to cost-co with me. >> even better. >> okay. >> stay with us. >> stay with us. we well, well, well.
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of aging is a face loses its fullness.
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an improvement in that technology is allowing patients to more effectively move fat from one part of the body to another. >> do you mind if i take another couple photos ? >> marianne is thrilled with the con fors in her cheeks. her face developed a sunken look that she felt made her look tired. >> i was getting gaunt looking. >> do you want to open it up. jay she turned -- >> she turned to a plastic surgeon who recommended a fat transfer. >> by filling out the face you can restore the uteful -- youthful fullness to the face. >> fat grafting is not new. it is drawing fat from one area of the body, in this case the thighs, to be used as a filler in other areas like the breast or face. but improved technology is making the technique far more effective. the first step after removal involves purification. >> this is a dialysis system. it is a bag within a bag that
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cleans the fat. >> after the fat is purified, it is transferred to a new generation microsyringe known as the cell brush. >> each dial of the wheel allows to deliver a 10th of a milliliter of fat each time i turn the wheel. i am putting small amounts of fat in. >> he says the microinjections not only ensure a smooth distribution, but it increases the odds that the graft will become a living part of the surrounding tissue. >> every particle of fat needs its own blood supply. you have to put it in small droplets. some of the errors we made early on in the fat grafting process is trying to put too much fat in any one spot. >> reporter: she had a similar procedure after losing 20 pounds on a workout program that had an unintended consequence. >> unfortunately you lose weight in your face and that's what did it for me. what i really liked about the fat grafting too is he did it around my -- around this area that tightened up the neck. >> the cheek bones have been
1:23 am
restored compared to the flatter cheek bone on the right. >> once in place they say the cells will live their normal life cycle as the natural fat in the face would. marianne is hoping for a long lasting result, but it is already changing her outlook. >> when i look in the mirror i don't see a tired, worn out person. now i am happy inside and out. >> a facial fat transfer costs about $6,000. a woman in miami learned a lesson the hard we about respecting the law. check out what happened after the judge set her bond at $5,000. >> bye-bye. >> adios. >> come back, ma'am. the fine will now be $10,000. >> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. >> well then it gets worse. the 18-year-old did not like the judge doubling her bond so she flipped him off and
1:24 am
blurted an explative. >> [bleep]. >> come back again. come back again. did you say [bleep] to me? did you say this? >> yes, sir, i did. >> you did say that? i fine you in contempt. 30 days in the county jail. >> okay. that's fine. >> she was a slow learner. she was in court of an illegal possession of xanax. so much for downtime. colin kaepernick is getting in some time with his receivers in atlanta. the 49ers and coaches said goodbye. the players packed up their belongings. they chatted with friends and signed autographs for one another. fresh off their super bowl loss, some are eager to get back to work after a little rest and relaxation. >> take a week off or two and then get back to hitting it again. >> you know you have to rest. it has been a long season. almost 30 weeks. first thing's first. sit down and rest and do a
1:25 am
little vacation time, but in the end we get back to it and get ready for another long season. >> while the players rest, the front office is busy looking at college prospects. the niners will have the 31st pick in the nfl draft in april. >> it is amazing how quickly they get back to business. changes in the forecast. you know it is cold outside. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> carolyn and dan, it is time to look at the winter clothes and the umbrellas. you will be needing them as we head to thursday. live doppler 7hd, and you will see a few patchy clouds out there and nothing other than that. our radar in combination of the radar for the national weather service and the santa cruz mountains will be keeping you ahead of the storm as the storm arrives on thursday. not expected to bring a lot of rain, but i thought i would show you what we typically average in san francisco. it is month by month. and this is when we see our wettest weather. december typically over four and a half inches and just under that in february. march can be wet as well. san francisco typically gets
1:26 am
over three inches of rain. the last measurable rain for san francisco was january 23rd. it has been awhile, but it is coming. mostly clear overnight, cold showers thursday and friday. sunnier and milder weather this upcoming weekend. it is looking good for plans this weekend. dry cold front moves through and really didn't amount to a whole lot. it was breezy and temperatures were running cool. what will happen is tonight you will get a nice break and sunshine and milder weather. and then a stronger, colder system is developing. this is the one that will drop our local snow levels and bring us cold showers. it is beginning on thursday morning. the morning commute when some of you are heading out the door already wet, the cold front will slowly slide south and by 9:00 a.m. light to moderate rain across the bay area. you will need to give yourself extra time on wednesday morning. spotty showers around the region, and then another organized band of showers around midnight on friday and
1:27 am
going into the early morning hours. pink showing up around mount hamilton. that's an indication of rain and snow mixing in. snow levels will be coming down. at 9:00 a.m. we will see the possibility again with some showers in the south bay. rainfall totals in most areas a 10th to a quarter of an inch. not expected to be as high as we earlier thought. in the sierra nevada this will mean fresh powder. mostly sunny tomorrow if you are traveling. looking good, 43. 15 in the morning though. chance of snow showers and then snow showers on friday with gusty winds. carry your chains if you are going there. tomorrow morning grab a jacket or sweater. it is going to be chilly. 37 in fairfield and 36 in napa. 35 santa rosa. low to mid40s right around the bay and along the coastline. 41 in san jose and 38 in livermore. morgan hill could see a few patches of fog. tomorrow afternoon 56 in san francisco and it will be a bright, sunny day in santa rosa and napa, clear lake upper 50s and oakland fremont,
1:28 am
livermore as we head toward san jose, 58 degrees, so about where you should be this time of year and 60 in santa cruz and salinas. cold showers on thursday and into early friday. and then it is milder and dry for the weekend, but some chilly nights coming up over the weekend. we will keep bumping up the temperatures monday and tuesday. carolyn and dan we are hurting. we are 93 to 97% of normal in terms of rainfall. santa rosa is the only place at 105%. >> it is not hurting too bad. >> we could use the rain. >> it could be quite wet. thank you. >> larry beil is off and rick quan is in. >> we think larry beil is back from new orleans. he could be still hanging around bourbon street. >> you think i went to bourbon street? >> no. >> he was working all the time. that's what he told me. jim harbaugh talks about his questionable play calling late in the super bowl, and just call him the incredible.
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bay area'sñ!ñcús
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it was one year ago
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yesterday that lynn-sanity was born. jeremy lynn broke out for 24 points against the nets. tonight he did even better. he played one of his best games of the season and sneaking a career high five, three-pointers. right before the half and curry shows he can hit the long ball from half court. he gets it in. but houston was on fire from downtown. lynn hits again and he scored a game high 28 points. it goes along with nine assists. the rockets would tie the nba record with 23 three pointers. it is from the corner and eunice does the honors. he said he would not break the record by telling his players to foul in the final minutes. the warriors get blown out 140-109. tomorrow night they are in oklahoma city. the top two teams in the league the sharks and blackhawks squared off in san jose. it looked like the sharks would cruz.
1:33 am
would cruise. it is 3-1 in the first period. but the blackhawks come back to tie and then go ahead in the second. douglas murray turns it over and patrick cane scores to make it 4-3. the final 5-3 and san jose has lost three straight. two days after falling short in the super bowl the 49ers cleaned out their lockers this afternoon. as you might expect the mood was somber as the players were packing their bags. it is unlikely smith and randy moss will be back. colin kaepernick will be back. he plans to start training for next season in atlanta. >> it will take a lot of hard work like it did this last this last will have to do a lite more work to make sure we win. >> sunday's game, did it help develop you and make you better as a football player and maybe the same could be said about the team? >> it is good to get the experience. we should have won that game. >> it didn't come out our way. we didn't come out on top.
1:34 am
i i am sad, but we still had a >> not being able to score after having first and goal from the 7 will bother the 49er faithful for a longtime. when asked about his play calling, coach harbaugh admits he should have called something different. >> you do something and it doesn't work, to havehave liked to have done something different, at least tried it. but you can't. the would have, could have, should have is undefeated. it has never failed. >> and abc sports was brought to you by river rock casino. hindsight is 20/20. >> a lot of monday morning quarterbacking. >> and he feels worse than anybody they didn't get in. >> thanks very much. the voting is in. >> we will find out which monopoly piece is getting the boot.
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weather, when you head out the door grab a jacket or coat. mostly clear, patchy fog, mid30s and 40s.
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8:00 a.m., upper 30s to upper 40s with the sunrise at 7:09. seven-day forecast will feature big changes, cooler weather. low to mid50s thursday, friday and showers thursday into friday. live doppler 7hd and our radar will be tracking it. mike will be here from 4:30 to 7 uke-- 7:00 a.m. tracking any changes. tomorrow a new monopoly token will replace a game piece. >> voting closed a few hours ago. hasbro asked which to remove and which to add. >> right now the classic tokens, the wheel bear row and the shoe and the iron have had the least support. the replacement options are a robot, diamond ring, a cat, helicopter and a guitar. >> fans from 120 countries voted in this on-line contest to change the tokens that was sparked by chatter on facebook where monopoly has 10 million fans. hasbro will announce them tomorrow morning. >> i sort of liked the shoe. >> i liked all of the old
1:39 am
ones. >> "jimmy kimmle live" is nextñs
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